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I’m a pro dominatrix living at Lake Monticello in the Charlottesville, VA area. As such, I play with Men.  Some of the things I enjoy are bondage, slave training, & dominance. As a sensual domme I like to use tactile stimulation.   I was a counselor for many years & want to know what makes you tick, what your buttons are & how to push them, take you to the edge & perhaps over it.  Role-playing your fantasies, creating a reality for you that only we share, exploring your fears, dreams & pushing your limits is what I live for. Therefore I will teach you to serve me, train you to worship me.  As I weave myself around you physically and emotionally, hypnotize you with my voice. You will melt from my touch, do anything to please me. 

In conclusion, my goal is to drive you crazy & have you begging for more. I am in command and can make or break your dreams. You will trust me & give up your control, submit to me. The more I deny you, the more you will want.

In addition, my assets are being tall, athletic & strong, yet gentle. I stand 5’8” tall, 6’ in heels & boots, size 11 feet, blue eyes, seductive Russian voice. Always looking for subs, slaves, labor/chore slaves, sissies for sessions, training, and fun. Everything we do will be Sane, Safe & Consensual. There will be no judgment. In my dungeon, you are in the “rabbit hole”. And you will be obedient and respectful AT ALL TIMES.

Contact me at natasha191959@gmail.com, call/text 844-DOMIN8X for appointments.

Charlottesville Dominatrix


I offer In-call Bondage sessions for Men & Couples (we double-domme him) in my private dungeon, phone domination & online webcam sessions on Skype.  See “Massage” tab for bondage massage.  No out-call.

Although my toy box is plentiful, you will need to bring your own chastity cage & key, lingerie, feminine clothing & shoes.  I have wigs & make-up.

Furniture includes a St. Andrew’s cross, bondage table, kneeling stool, queening chair, spanking bench and chairs.

Full toilet and shower facilities are available.

Dungeon Etiquette

You are expected to follow the directions given to you when your session is confirmed.  Shower & shave prior to arrival.  Arrive promptly, remove your shoes on arrival, and speak only when spoken to. Have your tribute in an unsealed envelope and hand it to me.

You will address me as Mistress in the dungeon & in all communications.

You will Not Touch me unless you are directed to do so.


Be respectful enough to contact me between 9am and 8pm, for booking. Email me at natasha191959@gmail.com & I will send you a Checklist to fill out & return with your interests, fantasies, etc.

Appointment days are 7 days/wk. from 10am-6pm.  A day’s notice, minimum 3 hrs., is preferred so that I may prepare accordingly for your session.  Texting is preferable at (844) 366-4689.  I do not accept calls from blocked/restricted or private numbers.

Once an appointment has been set, a deposit is required and confirmation the day before.  All directions will be provided by email or text.

I do not offer sexual services so do not ask. 

Your emotional & psychological well-being are very important to me.    Everything we do is Safe, Sane & Consensual. What happens here, stays here.  You may ask any questions during negotiation at the beginning of session.  You will always have a “safe word”.


Here is a Partial List of Fetishes

  • Bondage
  • Bondage massage (sensual massage while restrained), see bondage-massage.com
  • CBP (cock & ball play)
  • Chastity, key holding
  • Corporal Punishment: flogging, caning, whipping
  • Domination
  • Electrical play (ET232, violet wand)
  • Findom – to be discussed
  • Force-femme/Cross-dressing
  • Humiliation
  • Medical/Needle play/Enemas
  • OTK spanking
  • Racial play
  • Role-play: Mom/son, teacher, boss, nurse, cop, etc.
  • Sensory play
  • Sounding (urethral dilation)
  • Tease & Denial
  • Trampling
  • Waxing (hair removal)
  • Worship: shoe, boot, feet, butt

Training includes:

  • Chastity/Sissy training
  • Slave training

I will NOT do the following fetishes:

  • Asphyxiation/Choking/Strangling
  • Blood play
  • Brown showers/Scat play/Toilet training
  • Burning or branding

Email me at natasha191959@gmail.com for a complete checklist of fetishes.



“I have anxiously searched for a mistress to serve for years. Came across Mistress Natasha and can say I finally had that opportunity. Mistress was absolutely professional, respected any hard limits or personal boundaries while pushing me just up to what I could handle. Not once do you feel unsafe or over your head. I look forward to hopefully being able to serve her again.” Brian H, 7/25/2022

“Mistress Natasha is very accommodating and understanding. At the same time, she does have an old school strictness about her, but she really wanted to see me succeed in our session. She brings a good balance of kindness and sternness. Much of our session was exploratory and my favorite part was the final hour which she names “bondassage” hr. It made me feel better than I was feeling when I arrived. It helped me relax physically and mentally and I achieved climax.” Nick V, 6/17/21

“Mistress Natasha is the sh**. She is very sweet and talented. She will take you to limits you never dreamed of and your session will keep you on edge nonstop from the beginning to the end. Once you see her you will get addicted to her and want more.” Sub Marcus, 5/30/21

“My first session with Mistress Natasha was the best I’ve ever had in almost 30 years of experience with being dominated. I strongly recommend multi-hour sessions. Her dungeon is extremely well equipped and her skill at administering electro torture was unparalleled. Because of her experience she administered pleasurable pain with refinement and precision. She has inspired me to try BDSM practices I have never tried before, which is a testament to her confidence-inspiring skill. I cannot wait to see her again!” Sub James, 5/21/21

“Mistress Natasha provided me with a wonderful experience. She immediately took charge and provided me with an amazingly creative and sensual sampling of pleasures. She knows exactly what she is doing and is adept at providing a crescendo of stimulation. Her dedication to her craft and the satisfaction of her clients is second to none. She left me both satisfied and craving more. If you’re wondering if she’s worth it, she absolutely is, and then some.” Sub Jaylene, 5/23/21

“I had my first experience with Mistress Natasha and everything it totally exceeded by expectations. She was in control from the beginning and reviewed my checklist that included my fantasies and limits. While she pushed my limits, I felt safe and really enjoyed being used by Mistress. I look forward to my next encounter and will allow Mistress to push my boundaries further.” Sub H 1/18/21

“I experienced a real-life Pro Dominatrix with Mistress Natasha. In her well-equipped dungeon she freed my mind and body of all stress. The restraints, the sting of her whip, her voice created the most enjoyable and relieving experience. She pushed my limits and set fire to my heart.” Sub Andy, 1/24/20

“Mistress Natasha is one of the few dominatrices I have engaged over the years to whom there was a strong desire to return. Absolutely professional, I was impressed by the attention she gave to my answers on her detailed questionnaire. This eliminated any misunderstandings and waste of her valuable time. The bucolic setting of her home/studio in a beautiful part of Virginia adds a certain mystic to any visit. Return visits can only enhance your experience as she continues to draw out that what you truly desire.” Sub Rai, 5/30/19

“So this was my first time with Mistress Natasha. I had asked Mistress for a Sensual sensation type of session today. Boy did she deliver! From a round on her St. Andrew’s cross to a bout with bondage on her massage table, Mistress had me hopping! She has so many toys & knows just how to use them. And she also loves to play with electricity! Mistress had every nerve & hair on my body electrified! She will take you to places you’ve never been. Can’t wait to see her again! Highly recommend her.” Sub Mindy, 8/26/19

Bondage Massage: “My visits with Natasha have been amazing! She takes charge as I step into her private office but makes me feel completely safe and comfortable with her manner. My first visit was an erotic massage. WOW! That’s one I’ll never forget! She is a professional in every way! I can’t wait for my next session!” Mike H., 8/14/17

“The time I spent with Mistress Natasha was some of the best time I have ever experienced! She was in tune to the scene, it was like she was reading my mind, then adding some surprises!! She pushed my limits in a safe and exciting way!! During our role playing time she was always in sync with my wildest fantasies! I can’t wait to see her again, and again and again!!” Sub J, 10/3/16

“Thank you for the meeting the other day..it is nice when the high expectations I had before meeting you are exceeded…I loved the fact you were in total control from start to the end, and the enjoyment you showed in the whole time we spent together…you are truly special in many ways.” Sub pat, 5/21/16

“After years of wanting to explore my submissive nature and searching for the right Domme, I discovered more than I could have ever imagined with Mistress Natasha. Mistress commanded not only my body, actions and words but also my mind. Still days later, my brain is caught up processing my phenomenal experience with Mistress Natasha. I am already anticipating my next opportunity to serve.” Sub rob, 5/9/16

“I had my first experience with a pro-domme yesterday. I met with Mistress Natasha and everything went exactly as expected. She was in control and that was very clear from the moment I walked in the door and she began with the instructions. She really paid attention to my checklist I filled out for her which included my fantasies and limits. There are still items on my fantasy list and I have no doubt that we will get to those with additional meetings. Well, if Mistress Natasha wants to that is!” Sub austin, 4/11/16